Fitting your LimbO

To Fit

Using your thumb and forefinger, carefully grip your Limbo's black seal by its outer edge where it joins the clear plastic Limbo body, and insert your injured limb into the seal opening gently pushing it in. Note: for leg models fit the Limbo so that your toes are at the pointed end.

Still gripping the Limbo as described above, draw it up over the cast or bandage, allowing the seal to turn inwards as it slides up. See Fig 1.

When it is up past the knee or elbow, as high as possible, pull the whole Limbo down a little and the seal will reverse itself turning upwards so that the rubber (inner) surface of the seal is in contact with your skin above the cast or bandage. At this point try and bring the Limbo up still higher, if possible, by carefully pulling the seal up a little further without damaging the rubber. It should look as shown in fig 2.

Ensure that the seal is wrinkle free and be careful not to puncture the LimbO with your fingernails or Jewellery.

To avoid damaging the leg models when using a limbo over a cast it is important that you fit a thick sock or soft cloth over the lower part of the cast, i.e. between cast and the limbo, to provide some cushioning for the Limbo.

Please do not walk on a hard floor once the Limbo is fitted.


In Use

It is advisable to remove some of the air trapped in the LimbO particularly if it is being used in a bath, to avoid excessive 'ballooning' and floating. This is done by carefully lifting the seal when it is out of the water and squeezing the air out of the LimbO, then letting the seal go back against the skin again.

The LimbO should not be worn for periods in excess of 20 minutes as the trapped air gets quite warm which can cause perspiration and discomfort to the wearer.

Please take extra care not to slip or trip when entering or exiting the bath or shower.

To Remove

Carefully roll the seal back on itself a little and slide the garment off, see Fig 3. Please avoid pinching and tearing the rubber seal with your fingernails.

After Use

  • Hand wash as required, mild disinfectant may be used.
  • Hang upside down to dry before storage.
  • Do not fold the seal
  • Check that the rubber seal remains undamaged before re-use


  • The Limbo should be used according to the instructions above for maximum durability and safety.
  • The product may be submerged with care, for example in hydrotherapy as part of your treatment, with medical approval.
  • The LimbO should be used according to these instructions for maximum durability.
  • General medical advice is that swimming or similar vigorous water activities (e.g. water slides etc.) should be avoided in the healing process and if you are in any doubt you should consult a medical practitioner
  • LimbO is a non sterile product and should thus not be used on open or undressed wounds.  It is latex-free, fully reusable and designed to last six to eight weeks, or more depending on use.
  • If you are using your LimbO whilst under medical treatment, ensure the approval of your medical practitioner.