10 Things to do to Make sure you enjoy your Vacation with a Broken Leg!

August 11th, 2017

Broken your leg just before your vacation? Yeah it’s going to be awkward, but why should a cast get in the way of a good time?

Here’s a few tips from making sure the good times still roll on vacay with a cast!

  1. Get in touch with your airline before you get too excited. Most airlines let you fly 24 hours after you have a cast on a short flight. If your flight is longer than 2 hours you will have to wait 48 hours before you fly. This is because of the potential complications caused by your injury swelling.
  2. Ask at the airport check in desk for a seat with extra leg room… or at least an aisle seat so you can stretch out a little.
  3. Are you travelling with a partner who can drive? If so, can you get a parking permit? Some states will issue them for temporary injuries so it’s worth calling ahead to find out.
  4. Get a list of public transport timetables as well as the details of a reliable local taxi firm as long walks are not going to be that appealing.
  5. Plan days out in advance and opt for restaurants with an outside area where you can usually enjoy more leg room!
  6. Ask your tour operator about wheelchair or scooter rental at your destination. It may come in handy after a long day hobbling in the sun.
  7. Take extra care on sidewalks. Uneven cobbles may seem quaint until you try and walk across them on crutches.
  8. Pack a limbO for showering (obviously!) but remember it will also come in handy when you need to protect your cast from sand or if you are anywhere you might get splashed.
  9. Speak with your hotel before you arrive. Are there elevators? If not can you request a ground floor room?
  10. Excursions are great but make sure you check in advance they are accessible for you in your cast – you don’t want to book a trip only to turn up and find it involves 10 flights of stairs, a zip wire and a donkey ride.

So there you have it!
Enjoy your trip and don’t forget your LimbO! Click here to buy yours.