The best things about fall

September 2nd, 2019

You know it’s fall when the kids have gone back to school and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. However much we want summer to carry on forever, unfortunately it’s just not going to happen! But just because most of us will be seeing less sun for the next few months, it doesn’t mean there isn’t lots to look forward to. As the weather cools down, it’s the perfect excuse for cosy knitted clothes, hot chocolate and anything pumpkin related! There are plenty of reasons to love fall, here are just a few of ours.


Cosy clothes

Yep, it’s cooling down and if you’re a sun worshipper, that might not be what you want to hear. But how about it finally being sweater weather? You can pile on layers and layers of knits to keep the cold out and still enjoy the outdoors. Check out this fun pencil scarf pattern!


Getting outdoors

Now that you’ve got your warm clothes ready, it’s time to head outside and really enjoy the change in the seasons. Nature is putting on an amazing display at this time of year, with plenty of gorgeous red, yellow and orange tones that make a change from the green of summer. And while you’re out there, make sure you’re equipped with an OUTCAST outdoor weather protector to keep your cast or dressing dry!


Catch up with friends

As the temperatures drop, most people’s vacations are over and there’s not as much going on socially. Finally, you and your friends will be able to coordinate a plan to actually see each other after clashing schedules and family commitments for the past few months! Take some time to reconnect with friends, and it’s a great excuse for a pumpkin-spiced latte (or three!). Check out this recipe to make your own at home.


Next up…

Dare we mention it? Now that summer is well and truly out of the way, that can mean only one thing. Thanksgiving and Halloween!


So there you have it. Our list of the best things about fall. It’s a great season to embrace changes and new beginnings. What things would you add to the list?