Five Ways to Care for Your PICC Line

July 11th, 2017

Although living with a PICC Line can be pretty tough, they are a fantastic way to administer medications, blood transfusions, extra fluids and nutrition over an extended period of time.

As the PICC stays in place for around a month or so, keeping it clean and infection free is crucial. Your health care provider will give you all the details, but here are our five ways to care for it at home.


1.  Using a LimbO when you shower is the easiest (and most comfortable!) way to keep your dressing dry. Check out this selection tool on our website to help you choose the correct size.

2. Changing your bandages should be a sterile process. Always wash your hands before you touch your PICC line; never reuse anything that comes into contact with your PICC line; and if any dressings fall on the floor or touch a non-sterile surface, throw them away - it’s not worth taking the risk.

3. Change your dressing in a clean, dry, indoor area away from drafts. This allows you to stay in control and avoid any unexpected contamination.

4. Unless otherwise instructed, you can continue with your usual activities. However, most professionals agree that it’s best to avoid swimming, contact sports, strenuous work and lifting objects heavier than 10 lbs.

5. Keep the skin around the PICC line dry and clean. Don’t use ointments, lotions or moisturisers near or under the dressing, in case they introduce bacteria. If you do apply lotion after a shower, leave your LimbO in place until you have finished and have washed any residue off your hands.


We know that battling any illness is challenging and our thoughts are with everyone experiencing this challenge right now. Our hope is that a LimbO Waterproof Protector will at least make life a little easier and will help you keep your PICC line clean and infection free.