Five Ways to make your Thanksgiving Delicious!

November 10th, 2017

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first timer, hosting Thanksgiving is always a little nerve wracking. Will everyone enjoy the food you serve? Will there be enough? Plus, most importantly, will it look good enough to photograph for social media?

We understand your concerns which is why here at LimbO we’ve put together a few of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes to ensure your celebration is a huge success.


1. Mini Pumpkin Pie Pops.


As soon as your guests arrive they may be peckish and on the hunt for something to satisfy their Thanksgiving cravings. These mini pumpkin pies are perfect to have ready to occupy your hungry guests as you finish prepping the main.


2. Citrus and Herb Turkey.


Easy, juicy, moist and delicious. What more could you want? Infused with herb and citrus flavors, your diners will be convinced this is a feat of culinary genius when actually it’s one of the easiest ways to cook a turkey. Click here for the full recipe.


3. Mashed potato casserole.

Bored of plain old mash? Add cheese, bacon and chives…. welcome to a taste of paradise. The best thing about this is that it can be made in advance and heated up when it’s time to serve. This is guaranteed to go down a storm and will take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level. Click here for recipe.


4. Roasted Maple Sprouts with Hazelnuts.


Some people may claim they don’t like sprouts, but they haven’t tried these roasted maple and hazelnut sprouts. These are the most delicious accompaniment to any meal ever. Click here for the full recipe.


5. Thanksgiving Brownies

You’ve worked hard to create the ultimate main so make sure your dessert raises a smile too! You could even enlist the help of the kids to decorate these cute little brownies. Click here for the recipe…. And don’t worry it’s super easy!


Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving from Everyone here at



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