Let a LimbO be your Super Power

January 15th, 2018

When you are suffering an injury, a broken bone or ulcer, we think it’s more than natural to daydream about the possibilities of super powers.


For example, if you had the strength of the Hulk, would you have even broken a bone in the first place? (Hulk, if you are reading this and you have broken a bone, don’t worry – we’ll make a LimbO to fit you!)

What would be the ultimate super power?

Invisibility? The power to heal? Invulnerability? Time travel? Mind control? Force field creation? Flight?

You have to admit, any of these would be a useful power to have: you could travel back in time and warn your past self to avoid that injury; you could create a force field to protect yourself from that broken bone; you could heal yourself from whatever illness you are suffering; or you could fly out of the way of danger and save yourself from a plaster cast.


Yep, superpowers would sure come in handy but, in reality, the closest we’ve got is a LimbO. Some call it a waterproof protector, others call it a force field, but its function remains the same - it will never fail to keep your dressing, cast or PICC line dry as you enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath or a refreshing shower… and that has to be a good thing right?


To buy your LimbO Waterproof Protector, visit our website www.limboproducts.com and our team of real life heroes will get it shipped to you ASAP.