LimbO are Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day

May 31st, 2017

On June 4th it’s National Cancer Survivors Day #NCSD2017. This is now in its 30th year and there are many events taking place across the United States to celebrate progress, success and life itself. See to find out more.


The day encourages awareness about living well, but also draws attention to the challenges of cancer survival and aims to get people talking. We all know it’s good to talk and being able to share experiences is invaluable for many people.


Many survivors say the same thing: a strong mental attitude counts for a lot. Sure, there’ll be times when you’re low, but even the teeniest bit of positive thinking goes a long way.


If running a bath and sinking beneath the bubbles allows your mind to escape for a while, then surely that’s a good thing?

If you can forget about your PICC line and relax, then we believe this can contribute to a more positive state of being. Our elbow LimbO gently and comfortably covers your PICC line, allowing you to enjoy a soak in the bath and truly relax, safe in the knowledge your PICC will stay clean and dry.


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… and remember, life is tough but so are you. Embrace that positivity and join us in celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day.

If you want to organise an event it’s not too late – click this link to find out more.