Our five favourite last minute Halloween costumes

October 3rd, 2017

You weren’t going to dress up, but then all of a sudden it’s October 31st and you have agreed to go to a costume party in 10 minutes. EEEEK! What ARE you going to wear?

Fear not, here at LimbO we have put together five quick and easy costume ideas that will help you out when you’re short on time and inspiration.


The Bed Sheet Ghost.

This is a failsafe classic that will never let you down. Just find a white sheet you don’t mind cutting two eye holes in and you’re good to go! Maybe don’t snip at your best Egyptian cotton, but bear in mind those patterned bedsheets won’t have the same BOO factor!


The Emoji.

Cut out a circle and draw your favourite emoji on it. Done! Off you go.


Song Pun.

We love this ‘Raining Men’ costume! Tie string to an umbrella, hang faces of men you’ve cut out from a magazine on it and start belting out that chorus.



This is an embodiment of Rene Magritte’s painting ‘Son of Man’. Simple, yet so effective. This one also means no need to make eye contact with anyone, which is perfect for those who like to avoid awkward small talk with strangers.

The Toilet Paper Mummy.

So quick, so cheap, so easy and so absorbent, which comes in useful for clean up time at the end of the night.


So you’d better go and get ready now then! Share your Halloween photos with us and remember, a LimbO is a perfect swag bag for all that candy you’ll be bringing home!