Would you know which LimbO you needed?

September 7th, 2017

So the summer break may be coming to an end, but at least we’re left with the memories of the good times we’ve had. Plus we were able to enjoy an epic solar eclipse and Game of Thrones series 7, both of which have contributed to a pretty good summer.


We hope you won’t need us, but now your little ones are heading back to school and returning to all their sports clubs and teams we thought you’d like to know that if you DO need a waterproof protector, we also make LimbO waterproof protectors in children’s sizes! Don’t worry about knowing which LimbO is right for you, our website makes it super easy. Just select which limb you need to cover when you shower, click the relevant size requirements and we’ll get it sent out to you ASAP.


Here’s a quick break down of our most popular items:


The Full Arm Limbo

The full arm LimbO is great for injuries needing a cast or dressing that covers the whole arm. It seals comfortably around the top of the dressing and makes showering a breeze. Around the elbow area, casts tend to be bulky – make sure you measure accurately to ensure a perfect fit.


The Half Arm LimbO


The half arm LimbO is designed for casts or dressings that finish just below the elbow. The LimbO comfortably covers the lower arm and the neoprene seal reliably keeps the water out as you bathe or shower.


The Full Leg LimbO

The full leg LimbO is long enough to cover the whole leg and can be fully submerged in the bath or shower. Our measurements are based on the average heights and weights of children according to age, so make sure you select the right size – if you’re unsure, just give us our friendly team a call on 866-348-4091 and they will happily talk you through the sizes.


The Half Leg LimbO


The half leg LimbO is designed to keep casts dry below the knee. The neoprene seal sits just above the knee for comfort and to ensure the seal remains watertight.


Don’t forget, we can also supply a foot LimbO, which is perfect to use when caring for diabetic foot ulcers, and an elbow LimbO which is ideal for use if you have a PICC line or midline in place.