Client reviews

Latex sensitive, thus looked for a compatible product. LimbO is easy to put on, easy to remove and works as promised keeping my arm & cast completely dry when showering. It is sturdy and should last if handled with reasonable care. The price & shipping costs are reasonable & very competitive. I would avoid similar products typically sold in Walgreen's, CVS etc.
18th Oct, 2016
Works exactly as stated. Easy to put on and remove, with full mobility. No plastic bags, tape, etc. A must have for anyone with a PICC.
14th Oct, 2016
The very best to shower with.
13th Oct, 2016
I purchased this product after it was recommended by my wound care physician. I was instructed to use it to cover my wound when showering. I've used it for 2 weeks now, and I give it top marks. It's well made, and should last. Ordering and delivery went smoothly. I will definitely purchase another when this one wears out if I still have the wound. (USA customer)
01st Oct, 2016
Yes I love my PICC line cover the best thing I ever bought use it everyday I remember when I used to try to wrap it with plastic bags Saran Wrap you name it this thing is awesome giving your website out to many many people
30th Sep, 2016
This product solved my shower problems with a picc line. I'm able to put it on and take it off myself and more importantly I can bend my arm!! And it keeps the dressing and picc line totally dry. What a life saver, fantastic product.
17th Sep, 2016
I have worn a below knee prosthetic since I was 5 years old and this is the best shower cover I have ever used.
05th Sep, 2016
The Limbo half leg protector was exactly what I needed. After surgery on my ankle, I needed to keep my leg dry for two weeks. During this time, Limbo gave me the freedom to take showers without worry of getting my leg wet. This was a much better situation than taking sponge baths or attempting to use garbage bags! The quality of the Limbo product is very high and I recommend it.
29th Aug, 2016
My son is a forester-volunteer firefighter and wilderness first responder with a degree in forestry who happens to live on a farm in Alaska. He cut his thumb, compromising the entire tendon while fishing and found plastic bags don't protect the surgery well enough for his lifestyle. I went online, found your product and ordered two pair with the help of a WONDERUL customer service rep. They arrived yesterday and he thinks they are SO great he will continue to use them at work post cast. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
19th Aug, 2016
I had also got MRSA from the hospital surgery i had on my toe from a screw that fell in my shoe at work. I was mad because I was told i would have a picc line in my arm for 6 to 8 weeks which was a pain in the A_ _ but with the limbo picc line sleeve showering was as easy as one two three .I am very happy they came out with this product to help people that have to have this in there arm.
08th Aug, 2016
I absolutely love my Limbo! It hasn't leaked once. My PICC line is always perfectly dry after my shower. And it is so easy to use. I've told every infusion nurse I have about it so they can share the information with other PICC line patients. Thank you for this wonderful product!
29th Jul, 2016
Get this product! It solves all shower problems with picc lines. Safe, secure and very easy to use. I can do it myself....don't need someone to assist. Genius design. Thanks!
24th Jul, 2016
This product is AMAZING! It has made taking a shower incredibly easy. I would not have survived this horrible ordeal without it. Thank you for having this product available to us. Rose Mary Wheaton, Illinois
23rd Jul, 2016
I couldn't be happier with my Limbo! So easy to use and never leaks! Sure makes living with a PICC line much less stressful!
18th Jul, 2016
THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU LIMBO COMPANY! I purchased the adult short cast protector at the last minute due to a broken finger needing pins the week before I was due to vacation in Nuevo Puerto Vallarta. Although the woman I spoke to did say it was NOT RECOMMENDED to SWIM (keep submersing) with the cast protector... I was able to use it for my whole vacation in the pool AND to shower everyday!!! (I even told a few people of the LIMBO Co. While on vacation when asked about what had happened to me.) The clear/see through design helps keep the injured limb cooler in the sun and heat too. I highly recommend this product for everyone! Thanks LIMBO CO, for saving my vacation literally!
17th Jul, 2016
My husband uses this for his picc line which is pretty high up on his arm. It works perfectly!! What a blessing! A shower makes him very happy. Thank you for a great product.
13th Jun, 2016
Worked great! Followed the online directions for getting the correct size and the fit was perfect. The Limbo Half Leg fit over the boot that I had to wear for 6 weeks. Watched a video online about how to put it on and take it off. Needed a little help to get it on in the beginning but could take if off by myself. Kept my foot and the boot completely dry for the entire time. Totally worth the price!! Ordered it online and received it within a few days.
20th May, 2016